BDVA i-Spaces

What are i-Spaces?

i-Spaces are Trusted Data Incubators targeted to accelerate take up of data driven innovation in commercial sectors like Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics, e Commerce, Media, Aerospace, Automobile, Energy, Agriculture and Agroindustry, Pharmacy; as well as in nonprofit sectors (e Government, Environment, Pubic Health, Smart Cities) Expected Value includes Economical, Societal as well as Environmental dimensions.
These platforms host Closed as well as Open Data from Business and Public sources (language resources, geospatial data, healthcare data, economic statistics, transport data, weather data…).
The basis of i-Spaces will be an existing infrastructure that can be based on a geographic, sectorial or company ground, or a combination of them. i-Spaces entities are pre-competitive and nonprofit, though proposing a sustainable business model.
Labelled i-Spaces, beyond exchange of good practice, form a Europe-wide federation, in order to foster trans boundaries data innovation. At least one i-Spaces partner is member of BDVA.
In the concept of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) i-Spaces act as the nucleus with their competences, infrastructure and expertise.
i-Spaces have implemented they own infrastructure with big data targeted architectures with ad hoc processing power, online storage and state of the art accelerators. Remote access includes adequate network access facilities. IT security and data protection procedure extend beyond industrial state of the art. These infrastructures are located inside Europe boundaries.
Available on demand software include tools to manage unstructured data, semi-structured data and structured data onto single platform with user-oriented retrieval and processing tools requires up-to-date methodological technologies (i.e.: querying, indexing, feature extraction,
modelling, predictive analytics and visualization).
Beyond Data science and Big Data Infrastructures skills, i-Spaces maintains state of the art skills related e-security expertise in technical as well as legal and regulatory domains.
I -Spaces initiate or support Education programs in Data Science. 

i-Spaces Impact

These elements contribute to position i-Spaces as trusted platform for the BDV ecosystem playing the role of sandbox for precompetitive Data Innovation Community: i-Spaces offer trusted and secure environment allowing Research, Education and Innovation stakeholder to innovate with data, acting as hubs to connect different stakeholders.
The Data Innovation community includes Data Providers (Large groups, SMEs), Data Users (Large groups, SMEs), Data Innovators (Data Scientists, Startups, web entrepreneurs) and relevant IT and Legal Services Providers. IT Providers include both open source and proprietary commercial off-the-shelf solutions. These stakeholders will together experiment before ROI is proven (precompetitive) and move toward industrialization of their solutions outside i-Spaces perimeter.
I-Spaces allows these communities to experiment together with data these experiment ranging from 6-month proof of concepts to 2-3 years more research oriented projects. I Spaces host data related to these experiments and encourage cross project Data exchange under strict compliance of Intellectual Property and Regulatory provisions.
i-Spaces may hold embedded Business Acceleration programs and Skills Developments in order to fasten new services entry onto the market. Expert community will be involved to foster entrepreneurship among large audience from very different backgrounds.
i-Spaces are the main elements of Big Data Value PPP to assure that innovations and research on BDV technologies and novel BDV applications will be quickly tested, piloted and exploited, to develop skills and share best practices, to develop new business models and evaluate societal impact.