Membership categories

A brief description on the categories of interest or BDVA membership is identified below. If you wish to apply see full details at Get Involved!

  Your Interest

  The Opportunities

Your Engagement



You want to simply be on the BDVA mailing lists

Stay informed via the BDVA website and the official European Commission websites for information and call openings

Low level - reactive

BDVA Interested party

> No further action needed


A + You want to contribute in identifying key issues in your sector and are interested in discussing with peers on special occasions and participate in research and innovation projects …

Please provide us with your contact details we will invite you to relevant workshops and keep you up to date e.g. regarding sector roadmaps

Low level – occasional summit


B + You want to stay involved continuously but contributing occasionally, review outcomes from the BDVA on a regular basis and take part in discussions …

You can consider either to participate in the Stakeholder Platform and relevant tasks forces

Would attend workshop events, possibly General Assembly* and would be involved in some specific areas that interest you to have some influence and shape BDVA and the BDV P


> Complete application process


C + If you want to continuously contribute to the BDV PPP and want to commit financial and human resources for significant contribution to the activities of the BDVA and take part in organisational and strategic decisions

Commitment is taken more seriously and is expected and monitored by the BDVA and the European Commission. If you feel comfortable with that, a full membership in the BDVA is worthwhile to be considered by your organisation

As Associate plus....Would need to participate in around 2 General Assemblies (as observer) each year and would be involved in typically several task forces dealing with both your own specialist areas but also the wider interest of the BDVA to help shape strategy – typical 4-5 meetings or more with virtual activity and work also expected*


> Complete application process


D + If you want to have a very strong influence on the outcomes of the BDVA by helping implement general assembly decisions, lead task forces, etc.

The strongly shape the organisation and it remit acting as a leader in the field

As Full plus Voting Rights in Board of Directors (4) and General Assembly (2) meetings, around 8 Activity Group meetings including assessing new and ongoing task forces, several tasks force events, i.e. a resource intensive commitment show a leadership role*. Note that the BOD candidates are restricted in number and elected whilst ensuring the balance of the BOD in terms of membership types, geographies, expertise etc.


> Complete application process & answer BOD question

  • NB Most meetings are typically in Brussels