Explore BDVA with the BDVA Hexa-flexagon and find the 6 faces of BDVA

If you are here, you should have in your hands a paper strip probably given to you at one of our events or participations.  If you dont have one then Join us or grab one when you see us next.  OK, so you have your strip.  After you fold it according to the instructions below you need to 'attach' face X to face Y.  You can do this with glue, double sided tape...or if you arrived here because of the link printed on the X or Y strip then simply peel of the up surfacte of the 'extra' triangle and expose the precomposed sticky surface.  Once you compose it the faces are often hidden, but they are there, and don’t panic that some faces are scrambled…it just means you need to try harder. 


1. Fold to make a rolled-up strip
2. Fold the rolled-up strip to make a hexagon

Expose new faces by flexing. Try to find all six faces. Hold the flexagon in two hands, looking down at the top face. Push three corners down and in to make three valley folds. At the same time pinch to make three mountain folds. Push the valleys together until they touch.
Then open the center like a flower blossoming.