BDVA labelled i-spaces 2018

The Big Data Value Association advertises and grants a label for European Data Innovation Spaces to help drive forward Big Data adoption and AI based innovation across all domains within European industry. Every year, existing hubs can obtain a label as a “BDVA i-Space”, after an evaluation process based on a comprehensive criterion catalogue. The label is granted in three grades: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These grades are aligned with the maturity and potential impact of the candidates in five main domains: Excellence of infrastructure, Quality of Services, Projects and sectors, Impact to Eco System and Business model.

At the European Big Data Value Forum 2018 in Vienna (November 2018), the following ten existing data innovation spaces in Europe were recognized with this label: 


Label Data Innovation Space

Testing in a flexible full-scale datacenter - without having to invest with access to massive amounts of research data and add a stand-by team of world-leading scientists at your disposal, contributing to your innovation. That is SICS ICE

Embedded in the Italian national HPC center, Cineca i-Space operates at the intersection of Big Data, HPC and Deep Learning technologies to support research and innovation with the most advanced infrastructure, tools, services and skills


Know-Center Graz was founded in 2000 within the framework of the COMET K1-program and became Austria's leading research center for data-driven business innovative information and communication technologies SDIL bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and industrial big data applications

A Centre to build, develop and provide tools, data sets and value-added Big Data and Data Analytics capabilities to enable companies defining, testing and validating Big Data models before its final implementation

TeraLab provides AI & Big Data “one stop shop” support to Research organizations, web innovators, Startups, Mid Caps and Large group, as well as Governmental and Education organizations

Competence Centre providing advanced technology for business, data-driven innovation to improve company competitiveness and to create a more intelligent, sustainable and global society

EGI is a federation of data centres set up to deliver advanced computing services for research

CeADAR is the National Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence, a market-driven technology centre for the development, and deployment of data analytics and AI technology and innovation for the benefit of industry

Enhancing the innovation via HPC & Cognitive Systems