BDVA Survey on Algorithmic Transparency


Algorithmic transparency is gaining attention. The GDPR mandates transparency in the case of automatic decision-making, but there are other reasons to explore this topic as well. Good effects may be that trust is increased, or that data quality and unwanted biases can be monitored in a better way. Besides the good effects, there may be negative effects as well: what about protecting IPR, for instance?

 The BDVA is working on a position paper on Algorithmic Transparency. We have already collected a good number of insights from literature and other reports, but we do not yet know which aspects of algorithmic transparency are most important for business. We have created a short survey to help us identify what is important and what should be addressed, in order to guide further developments.

 The survey can be found here: Both BDVA members and non-members are invited to give their opinions. The survey will remain open until February 20th. We expect to release the analysis soon after that.

 Thanks all for your contribution!