Call for EoI to become part of the i-Spaces review committee 2019

The call for BDVA Data i-Spaces labels 2019 will be launched in April for the fourth consecutive year. This label ensures the quality of a Data Innovation Spaces (BDVA i-Spaces) according to the BDVA criteria and is a well-recognized quality label at European level (visit to know more about the label and  for information on 2018 labelled Data i-Spaces). Candidates from all over Europe are invited to apply. The labelling process implies that relevant information from the candidates will be gathered by an online questionnaire, and a review committee will examine individual candidates and recommend the appropriate quality ranking (bronze, silver or gold) to the BDVA Board of Directors, which ultimately will grant the label.

The review committee is expected to include experts in the different dimensions covered by the i-Spaces, among BDVA Full members and other strategic partners. BDVA opens now and until the end of March 2019 a call to receive expressions of interests of individuals interested in being part of this labelling committee.

Should you (or someone from your organisation) be interested in taking part of this Data i-Spaces label review, please submit your expression of interest by filling the template that you can find below, and, optionally, attaching a short CV. Please send the requested information to before March 31st.

We are looking for experts on the different domains of Data i-Spaces: skills, legal, technical, application, business and social. The final decision on the composition of the members in the review committee will be undertaken by the BDVA i-Spaces group, BDVA secretary general and review committee chair, and finally approved by the BoD. The objective is to configure a well-balanced panel in terms of geographical distribution, gender, expertise in each dimension of Data i-Spaces and professional background. Please take into account that, to avoid a potential conflict of interest, in the case your organization is applying for the Data i-Space label you will not be allowed to participate in the review committee.

The call for Data i-Spaces will close end of May. Members of the review committee are expected to join a preparatory webinar in May, to dedicate time for the individual assessment of the applications, to join a full 1-day f2f meeting end of June (data and place to be confirmed. Online meeting will be also considered), and potentially to join one or two online meetings to prepare the materials for the Board of Directors. As a member of the committee you will get recognition and visibility on the BDVA website and other associated channels, have the opportunity to work with other experts in the field and contribute to shaping the European Big Data Value Ecosystem. Please notice that you will provide in-kind contributions, i.e. you will not receive payment for the working hours or reimbursements for the costs related to the trips associated to the review.

Do not hesitate to contact us ( for further information. 

Thank you all for your collaboration!!


Expression of Interest and information to be provided by candidates

  • Full name:
  • Gender*:
  • Nationality*:
  • Current position:
  • Institution:
  • Country (of your institution)*:
  • Summarize in 1-2 lines your most relevant experience on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence related to the following areas (only for those that are aligned with your profile, otherwise please state ‘N/A (not applicable)’):
    • Technical background (specify technological expertise):
    • Application to new solutions, products and services (specify sector and main achievements):
    • Business (market analysis, economic analysis, benchmarking, coaching...):
    • Social Sciences and Humanities research and citizens engagement:
    • Development of skills, training and fostering job creation:
    • Legal and regulatory:
  • Summarize in 1-2 lines your experience on managing or operating CoE/I-Spaces/DIH related to big data
  • Motivation to be part of the committee

    *Gender and geographical distribution will constitute additional selection criteria in order to create the best-balanced review panel.

Please, include the form above completed in the body of an email and send the Expression of Interest to before March 31st . Attaching a short CV  is optional.