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Are we using data in the best way to manage the COVID-19 Pandemic? Webinar

We are living in the largest, most dramatic and unexpected social experiment ever, as governments launch a variety of “social distancing” measures to slow down the coronavirus contagion. Also the use of AI and Big Data is being tested as never before: China, Taiwan, South Korea are using massive data collection and smartphones for “track and tracing systems”. In Europe nothing similar has been launched yet, while quantitative models to forecast the spread of the virus are multiplying.


The EU Big Data Value Association and the Midwest Big Data Hub, in collaboration with Iowa State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, SINTEF, and Intrasoft Intl., proudly present the first in an EU and US Big Data Research Collaboration Webinar Series:WEBINAR #1: UAVs AND SATELLITES FOR AGRICULTUREThursday, 21 November 2019. 15:00-16:30 PM CETAccess link here: 

2nd International Workshop on Software Architecture Challenges in Big Data

The 2nd International Workshop on Software Architectures Challenges in Big Data (SACBD) is organized by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) as part of the European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA, The objective of this workshop is to  provide a forum for discussing all aspects of the software architecture challenges of big data systems. The workshop welcomes the contributions of practitioners and researchers alike.