Monthly meeting on AI Regulation and promising Data-AI projects

The next monthly meeting with members will take place on December 13, online. The initial segment of the meeting will be dedicated to regulatory and governance aspects of Generative AI. BDVA members will also share insights on the latest hot topics and focus on some projects developed may members on the cognitive computing continuum and other domains.

BDVA is proud to be part of OpenVerse!

BDVA is proud to announce the kickoff meeting of OpenVerse, a new 3-year project that supports the emergence of an open human-centric Metaverse. BDVA is leading the input to industry Standards as well as the collaborations and synergies and we look forward to engage our Task Force on Metaverse as we expect the project to bring value to all European companies and research institutes active in this field.

EBDVF 2023 report

It is our great pleasure to share with you our EBDVF 2023 report. The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) is the flagship event of the European Big Data Value and Data-Driven AI Research and Innovation community organised by the BDVA and the European Commission (DG CNECT), with the support of local partners. EBDVF 2023 brough the entire European data-driven AI research and innovation community together to share knowledge, collaborate and celebrate achievements in Valencia, from 25-27 October.

Welcome to the BDVA Community: Meet our new 9 members!

During BDVA's General Assembly held on the 17th of November, our organisation had the pleasure of confirming 3 full members and 6 associate members, coming from 6 countries, who will join the data driven community. The new members are Centre de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, Gradiant, NOVA Information Management School, Arsys,Binare, CCG/ZGDV - ICT Innovation Institute, CORE Innovation Centre, Ministry of Economy and Finance / Directorate of Information Systems and Innovation, and Qbeast Analytics SL. BDVA warmly welcomes them! We are also extremely glad to announce that 3 of our members upgraded their membership to full: CeADARDawex and Jot Internet Media.

BDVA i-Spaces labels 2023

To ensure the quality of the European Data Innovation Spaces and connect existing initiatives under one umbrella, the BDVA set up the BDVA i-Space label. On a yearly basis, candidates from all over Europe are invited to apply for this label. A set of criteria are tested by way of a survey to collect the relevant information.  These activities have led to the establishment of a European Federation of i-Spaces that ensure easy access for industrial partners to foster the development and testing of precompetitive solutions on high-quality platforms offering certified services and training.

3 days of EBDVF 2023 in more than 500 photos

EBDVF 2023 has unfortunately come to an end, but we want to keep the beautiful memories alive. We greatly appreciate everyone's contribution. You all made EBDVF happen and you've made sure to make it memorable.

Here you will find a selection of professional photos from each day of EBDVF - collected in a Flickr account dedicated to our event.

Even though our amazing meeting just ended, we are already enthusiastic about seeing you again during the next edition of Europe’s top data-driven event, at EBDVF 2024 in Hungary. We want to thank all our organisers, sponsors and partner projects for their relentless support prior to and throughout the EBDVF.