BDVA labelled I-Spaces

The Big Data Value Association advertised and granted a label for European Innovation Spaces to help drive forward Big Data adoption across all domains within European industry. Every year, existing hubs can obtain a label as a “BDVA i-Space”, after an evaluation process based on a comprehensive criterion catalogue. The new label is granted in three grades: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These grades are aligned with the maturity and potential impact of the candidates in five main domains: Excellence of infrastructure, Quality of Services, Projects and sectors, Impact to Eco System and Business model.

At the European Big Data Value Forum 2017 in Versailles (November 2017), eight existing innovation spaces in Europe were awarded with this label. You cand find here information and pictures of the I-Spaces labelling ceremony in Versailles. The eight labelled BDVA i-Spaces are the following:

BDVA i-Space
The Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) offers big data researchers unique access to a large variety of big data and in-memory technologies. Industry and science collaborate closely to find hidden value in big data and generate smart data. Projects focus on the strategic research areas of Industry 4.0, Energy, Smart Cities and personalized Medicine.
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Teralab is a Big Data platform developed within the framework of the PIA. It has the role of hosting efforts to enhance the value of industrial data in partnership with laboratories or collaborative projects. It has been operational for more than 3 years and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and tools. TeraLab's infrastructure is secure, sovereign and neutral. It provides the necessary security guarantees for industrial partners so that they can make available, within a defined framework, their high-value data for research or innovation projects.
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Know-Center  is Austria's leading research center for data-driven business and big data analytics. It conducts applied and interdisciplinary research in the field of computer science in the areas of data-driven business, big data and cognitive computing. To that end, Know-Center works closely with the Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science of Graz University of Technology. Specific research topics include search technologies, machine learning methods and knowledge extraction from large data sets, presentation and visualisation of massive amounts of information, efficient use of information in social media channels, as well as contextualisation and personalisation of information.
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RISE SICS North ICE is a unique national datacenter built for cloud and big data research by SICS North Swedish ICT and Luleå University of Technology. The objective of the project is to support all universities and industry in Sweden with a large-scale datacenter infrastructure and cloud facility for research, test and demonstration.
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Italian Open Platform for High Performance Data Analysis (Cineca) With its High Performance Computing (HPC) facility, and with excellent scientific skills, Cineca supports the world of the public and private research: it is the most powerful supercomputing center in Italy devoted to scientific and industrial research, and one of the most important worldwide. Moreover, Cineca develops IT systems for universities administration offices, for the MIUR, and for companies, health care Institutions, and public administration.
The Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona is an initiative led by Eurecat which has been launched in February 2015 with the support of the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council and Oracle. The Big Data CoE constructs, evolves, integrates and makes available to companies differential Big Data-related specialised knowledge, tools, data sets and infrastructures that will allow them to define, experiment with and validate Big Data models and their impact on business, as well as define innovative solutions within a collaborative framework with key agents from the sector.
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EGI has built a federation of long-term distributed compute and storage infrastructures that support research and innovation. This international e-infrastructure has delivered unprecedented data analysis capabilities to more than 48,000 researchers from many disciplines. The federation brings together roughly 300 data and compute centres worldwide. EGI is coordinated by the EGI Foundation and funded through a combination of membership fees, national and EC funding and delivery of professional services such as training and consultancy. Today, EGI provides both technical and human services, from integrated and secure distributed high-throughput and cloud computing, storage and data resources to consultancy, support and co-development.
ITI Big Data Space offers infrastructure, tools and data for research and experimentation with Big Data Technologies. The digital innovation ecosystem around ITI, composed by SMEs, Large Companies and Research organizations is able to use the services of the data space to test new business and technological products.