BDVA labelled i-Spaces 2017

For the second consecutive year, the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) has granted a label for European Innovation Spaces (i-Spaces) to help drive forward Big Data adoption across all domains within European Industry. 

Laure le Bars (SAP-BDVA President) and Paul Czech (Know-Center - i-Space BDVA TaskForce Leader) presented the Labelling Ceremony during the European Big Data Value Forum 2017, held in Versailles from the 21st to the 23rd November.      

We are glad to announce that BDVA has granted the i-Spaces label to the following existing data innovation hubs for 2017: 

  • Big Data Centre of Excellence Barcelona (ES) . Silver Label  

  • Cineca (IT). Silver Label.  

  •  Know-Center (AUT). Silver Label.  

  • RISE SICS North ICE (SE). Silver Label.  

  • Smart Data Innovation Lab (DE). Silver Label.

  • Teralab (FR). Silver Label.  

  • EGI Foundation (NL). Bronze Label.  

  • ITI Big Data Space (ES). Bronze Label. 

The label is granted in three grades: Gold, Silver and Bronze. These grades are aligned with the maturity and potential impact of the candidates in five main categories with over 80 single criteria measured and evaluated: Infrastructure/Technologies, Provided Services, Projects/Applications, Impact and Business Strategy. 

i-Spaces target to accelerate take up of data driven innovation in private sectors like Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics, e Commerce, Media, Aerospace, Automobile, Energy, Agriculture and Agroindustry, Pharma; as well as in non-profit sectors (e-Government, Environment, Public Health, Smart Cities). They provide services to enable and support the development and validation of new Big Data use cases with the consequence of generating economical, societal and environmental value to their local ecosystems. 

As one of the four pillars and implementation mechanisms of the BDVA Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (BDVA SRIA), BDVA i-Spaces are recognised as cross-organisational and cross-sectorial environments allowing Big Data challenges to be addressed in an interdisciplinary way and serving as European Data Hubs for research and innovation activities. In the future these activities will lead to the establishment of a European network of i-Spaces that will ensure easy access for industrial partners to foster the development and testing of precompetitive solutions on high-quality platforms offering certified services and training.
i-Spaces contribute to the building of a community, providing a catalyst for community engagement and acting as incubators and accelerators of data-driven innovation. 

BDVA promotes the i-Space label as a quality label on European level. With a BDVA label it is assured that the i-Space meets the requirements and the definition of BDVA in technical as well as in organisational manner.

BDVA highlights the position of the labelled i-Spaces as trusted platform for the BDV ecosystem playing the role of sandbox for precompetitive Data Innovation Community. They are the main elements of Big Data Value PPP to assure that innovations and research on BDV technologies and novel BDV applications will be quickly tested, piloted and exploited, to develop skills and share best practices, to develop new business models and evaluate societal impact. 

Labelled i-Spaces, beyond exchange of good practice, form a Europe-wide ecosystem, in order to foster trans-boundaries data innovation. 

Find further information about i-Spaces, the labelling process and labelled i-Spaces here
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