Task Force 5: Legal and Policy


The objective of this Task Force is to to structure the debate and members’ opinions on a number of relevant issues in the domain Policy & Societal implications of Big Data–driven innovations. The taskforce will achieve its objectives by:
  • Identify relevant topics of interest: 
    • Monitoring activities in the Big Data PPP, more specifically CSA projects that address topics relating to the Taskforces goals
    • Monitoring developments in legal implementation and public debate in the Member States
    • Select and briefly describe topics to be addressed
  • Structure the debate and members’ opinions:
    • Survey and interview BDVA members on the identified topics
    • Providing input to the BDVA SRIA and other dissemination activities (such as Summits)
    • Contribute to PPP KPI monitoring where relevant
    • Dissemination of insights and results (whitepapers, presentations) 
The TF’s scope is broad; choices have to be made in order to get real results. Therefore, the strategy is to select one topic at a time, and to elaborate that single topic, resulting in a BDVA position paper or whitepaper. The list of potential topics is maintained by the TF leads and will be based on proposals made by BDVA members during AG meetings and/or during specific sessions during the BDVA Summit. The selection of topics to address is made by the TF leads after consulting with the TF members and possible other stakeholders (like the European Commission). Any topic will be in the focus of the TF for 3-6 months.