BDVA becomes DAIRO

In 2020 and taking into account the end of the 2014-2020 Multi Annual Financial Framework and the advent of the post 2020 European Commission’s programmes (i.e. Horizon Europe and Digital Europe), BDVA members decided to strengthen the Association by giving it a new mandate, a new name and by expanding its scope and breadth of activities. In 2021, BDVA thus becomes DAIRO.

DAIRO stands for Data, AI and Robotics (DAIRO). This new name testifies the ambition of the Association to closely collaborate with other communities in order to jointly engage at the intersection of the key disciplines of Data, AI and Robotics

This evolution allows the Association to work better with the European Commission on topics such as the Europe fit for a Digital Age agenda, the Green Deal and of course the Data Strategy. In the context of the new Multi-Annual Financial Framework, DAIRO is strongly committed to work on delivering the ambitious vision of the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership, the European Data Strategy and the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and to contribute to the achievements of the European objectives in terms of digital and environmental transformations. Furthermore, the Association will continue to be in a privileged position to support the establishment of networks and forms of collaborations between Digital Innovation Hubs and i-Spaces in Europe and to support the development of a European Data Space. The overarching objective of DAIRO is to “boost European Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Robotics research, development and innovation and to foster value creation for business, citizens and the environment”.

This modification in the Statutes also allows the Association to continue serving the community and the European interests, taking into account its new and emerging needs, i.e. in terms of collaboration across-technologies and applications, establishment of new value chains, etc., bringing new opportunities for members and for Europe. All Association partners (both European Commission and other associations, Public Private Partnerships etc.) should expect no changes or obstacles for the ongoing activities and collaborations and will be contacted individually to further explain these developments.

For the time being the Association brand remains unchanged and the BDVA/DAIRO brands will co-exist together for many months.

The Big Data Value Association has been established in 2014 as the private counterpart of the European Commission in the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership. Since then, the Association has served the community within and outside the scope of the Partnership and has been instrumental in developing research and innovation agendas and roadmaps, guidelines for industry and policy makers, and in creating a forum for knowledge sharing and discussions on Big Data, Data Value and Data-driven AI at the EU level. A very large portfolio of projects has been running since 2017 as result of the Big Data Value PPP, and will continue to actively implement the BDV PPP SRIA until 2024 in close collaboration with BDVA/DAIRO.

If you have questions on BDVA becoming DAIRO and/or on the implications that the change of Statutes can have for you, do not hesitate to reach out to the BDVA/DAIRO office at: info@core.bdva.eu

BDVA/DAIRO is an open and inclusive community and we are open to accept new members. If you want to join our community in this new adventure contact info(at)core.bdva.eu or read more here.