Task Force 8: Business

  • Posted on: 1 October 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The objectives is of TF8.Business are the following:

  • to establish a wide European community to study emerging and innovative business models both in public and private contexts
  • to identify barriers for the adoption of innovative business models and to identify solutions to lower them
  • to monitor and evaluate the business models adopted across Europe in significant communities (e.g. Digital Innovation Hubs)
  • Collaborate with the other TFs within the BDVA / DAIRO to bring the business perspective in their specific activities
Focus and activities

The major goal of this activity is to observe and define business models based on data analysis through the use of Big Data and, at the same time, also investigating new data based disruptive business models and the impact of the wide adoption of Artificial Intelligence on the business models.

Stefano Modafferi
University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre