Roadmap, Strategic Agenda and Programme

  • Posted on: 28 September 2021
  • By: Mattia Trino

The main responsibilities of this Task Force are firstly, the periodic revision of the BDVA Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda and roadmap identifying the state-of-the-art from a technology point of view and identifying gaps that are of strategic importance to EU organisations and European Industry. Secondly, it aims to update the BDVA Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and roadmap as input for the elaboration of the programmes and their implementation Thirdly, it supports the provision of feedback and input to the European Commission (Horizon Europe/Digital Europe) work programme. This Task Force will, on the one hand, follow up and provide input to the drafting of the work programmes and, on the other hand, analyse the projects financed by the different calls. 

Focus and activities

The Task Force Roadmap, Strategic Agenda and Programme coordinates ongoing activities of different nature (i.e. consultations, development of papers etc.) to maintain the SRIA (Strategic  Research Agenda) and SRIDA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) up to date, which is a key priority for BDVA in the context of the Partnerships and Alliances in which it participates. Furthermore, the Big Data Value Association is frequently asked to provide input and feedback to the R&D&I Work Programmes of the European Commission. The collection and provision of such feedback is very important for BDVA in order to achieve its objectives as organisation but is also very relevant for BDVA members which can help in building the roadmaps for EU research and innovation policies in the area of Big Data and AI. In the context of the implementation of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021 - 2027, this activity is primarily focused on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry and Space in Horizon Europe and on the Digital Europe Programme.

Edward Curry
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