Webinars AI/Data - COVID-19

Find here some webinars and online sessions organised by different communities:


Coronavirus. A view through the lens of Open Data and Software.

Organised by IRLOGI, the Irish Organisation for Geographic Information.

August 27th at 14h CEST

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The impact of COVID-19 on supply chain and food safety 

Organised by AIOTI for the IOT solutions world congress (IOTSWC) and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

June 30th at 15h CEST

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COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Apps

Organised by AI4EU in the context of their Webcafés Sessions

June 23rd at 15h CEST

Registration here and more information on AI4EU Webcafés Sessions here


In collaboration with the GO-FAIR Initiative and Philips Foundation

April 29th at 14h CEST

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Predicting and Monitoring COVID-19 contagion

22 April 2020, 5 pm CEST

Speakers: Franco Peracchi (GeorgeTown University, EIEF and University of Rome Tor Vergata) and Paolo Giudici (University of Pavia with Centre for European Policy Studies)

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Meeting ID: 621 131 011
Password: 093093 

ELLIS against Covid-19

15 April 2020 at 13:30

Link to agenda and resources: https://ellis.eu/en/covid-19/events/ellis-against-covid-19-15-04-2020

RDA COVID-19 Information Webinar

7 APRIL 2020 at 11 UTC

Link to details / resources: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/rda-covid19/event/rda-covid-19-kickoff-webinar

Online workshop on Covid19@ELLIS

April 1st, starting at 13:30 (CEST)

Link to agenda and resources: https://ellis.eu/covid-19

Are we using data in the best way to manage the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

March 26th, 2020 14CET 

Link to agenda and resources: http://www.bdva.eu/node/1444