BDVA announces three i-Space labelled hubs in the European Big Data Value Forum 2022

As a result of the 2022 open call, three silver BDVA i-Space labels were granted. The awarded hubs are Belgrade Data Innovation Hub (Belgrade, Serbia), MedITech Competence Center (Naples, Italy) and Ruđer Bošković Institute Digital Innovation Hub (Zagreb, Croatia). Get to know all BDVA i-Spaces here.  

Each year, the labels are announced in the official BDVA i-Space label ceremony at the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF). This year, the labels were handed in Prague on November 21st in a ceremony organized together with European Federation of Data-Driven Innovation Hubs (EUH4D). 

“Thank you very much for this recognition, the silver i-Space label in 2022. It means a lot to us, because after 50 years, we rebuilt the Data Processing Laboratory at the University of Belgrade – School of Electrical Engineering. In the previous period, we had many interesting cooperation projects with industry and scientific research in the field of data processing and the application of artificial intelligence. In the coming period, we want to be the main center for data experiments in the region of Western Balkan, and to have even more productive cooperation with our national and regional partners, as well as European scientific and research institutions, SMEs and startups.” – Dr Drаžen Drašković, Belgrade Data Innovation Hub coordinator. 

"We are honoured to officially join the European network of i-Spaces, promoted by the Big Data Value Association, which aggregates data, artificial intelligence and expertise to enable SMEs and start-ups to develop and test their services” - Carmine Maffei, MedITech’s Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager of Space and Digital Enabling Technologies. “MedITech leverages innovation and international and cross-sector collaboration, by consolidating its role as a point of reference in Southern Italy for all those productive entities ready to embrace digital transformation with enthusiasm, and with the will to make use of the most innovative technologies to increase their competitiveness in international markets. We will continue to carefully work, making the most of our expertise, always being ahead of the times, reliable partners for the entire network of European i-Spaces."  

We congratulate the BDVA i-Space labelled hubs, and are looking forward developing our collaboration with them further! 

About BDVA i-Spaces  

i-Space labels have been granted since 2016. Fostering skills and competence, the i-Spaces provide data assets, expertise and infrastructure for businesses, researchers and innovators to test new data-driven applications quickly and safely. As the i-Spaces are connected to the European ecosystem, they are also a natural connection point to initiatives across borders. The selected organisations go through a process, where reviewers evaluate the dimensions of infrastructure and technologies used, services provided, projects and applications, impact on the ecosystem, and business strategy and sustainability.  

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