BDVA community responds to proposed Data Act

BDVA has published a position paper, bringing the community’s response to the European Commission’s proposal for a Data Act. Based on the perspectives presented in the paper, the community has also submitted its feedback to the Commission.

BDVA welcomes the proposal, predicting it getting a fundamental role in the creation of Data Spaces. Based on the comments collected from the members, the position paper elaborates on the following perspectives;

  • The strategic role of industry and researchers in the definition of interoperability standards through prominent European data communities
  • Experimentation in data spaces as a key to the creation of data governance models and mechanisms
  • Clarification of the relationship between the Data Act and existing EU digital policies
  • Further development of data category taxonomies
  • Clarification of the definitions of data, products and roles in regards to access and use of IoT data, and particularly the term “functional equivalence”
  • Data Act as an enabler of innovation instead of creating restraining obligations
  • The potential impact of the rules on the life-cycle of data-driven AI 


READ the paper here! 


Feedback on the proposed rules was collected in three workshops, held during April. Over 50 members provided their comments, and they were compiled by a dedicated editorial team. We are grateful to our community for all the input and give our special thanks to the editorial team for their hard work.

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