Full Members

Full members 

The Members of the Big Data Value Association comprise small and large European organisation from public and private sector of business, industry, academia and research that support the objectives of the Big Data Value Association as described in the Statutes.

The Members of the Big Data Value Association have a vested interest to:

  • Develop technical solutions for the supply and the demand side and end user of the entire data business value chain.
  • Implement innovations in industry, business and public sector to strengthen the European competitiveness and to address the societal challenges e.g. climate and health.
  • Understand and improve the businesses and citizens’ acceptance of Big Data Value creating technology and application for a faster take up and wider integration in process of public sector service provisioning and process efficiency and product development and business model creation in industrial and business.
  • Help creating ecosystems that allow for flourishing of a vast variety of viable business models small and large entities and entrepreneurs.

Find the list of BDVA Full members here:

List of associate members can be found here: Associate Members