HPC, Big Data, IoT and AI future industry-driven collaborative strategic topics (2nd workshop)

The second online workshop on HPC, Big Data, IoT and AI future industry driven collaborative strategic topics will take place on the 3rd of July, from 12h to 14h CEST.

The event represents the follow up of a very successful first workshop, organised by BDVA at the beginning of May and gathering more than 80 participants representing HPC, Data, AI and IoT areas of expertise with a good balance of Research, Industry, policy makers and other relevant players.

This second event aims at continuing the discussions on the future research and innovation needs, and especially in terms of convergence and alignment of the basic technologies and their utilization in industry and by SMEs. It will address a number of key questions on several focus areas for the HPC-HPDA spectrum and notably data, workflows, HPC/Cloud infrastructure and AI/ML training. The agenda will cover:

  • An introduction covering the outcomes of the previous workshop, delivered by Maria Perez, BDVA/UPM (15 min)
  • A panel discussion based on guiding questions (60-90 min) and including presentations from BDV PPP relevant projects.
  • Conclusions and wrap ups (10 min)

Participation to the event is upon invitation only. If you wish to join this event please contact BDVA's at martina.barbero@core.bdva.eu.  

More information on the previous event can be found here