KRAKEN: Increasing user privacy with emerging identity management models

Digitakl identities have a crucial role in the online world. During the past couple of years, new identity management models have emerged to protect the users' identity data, giving the control back to them. In the KRAKEN's recent blog post, project team members Stephan Krenn and Sebastian Ramacher, both experts of Digital Safety & Security from Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), explain the current status of decentralized identity management models. They also show how KRAKEN advance the promising technologies with two main technical results of the project: Privacy-Preserving eID derivation for Self-Sovereign Identity Systems (also known as SSI) and Issuer-Hiding Attribute-Based Credentials.

KRAKEN consortium includes BDVA members Atos, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) and Lynkeus.


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(Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash)