New Open Access Book by BDVA community shows how to extract value from big data and drive digital transformation

“The Elements of Big Data Value” gives an exciting look into the discoveries of the Public Private Partnership on Big Data Value and shares the knowledge gathered for the benefit of the European Big Data ecosystem. The book describes the massive impact big data has and will have to our society and economy, giving practical tools to develop an increased capacity to drive the digital transformation on all sectors.

The writers share their experience to discuss the whole spectrum of challenges standing in front of data-driven innovation, covering the areas of skills, legal, technical, application, business and social.  The four chapters describe the elements of big data value, taking a holistic approach to the subject. The book starts by explaining how to build the big data value ecosystem vibrant and valuable to its stakeholders. It goes on to explore the technical and capability challenges and provides insight on how research and innovation can tackle them. Later on, the book takes a wider lens and discusses what is the role of big data in modern economy and society and why more efficient use of it is needed. The last part looks to the future and details the European AI, Data and Robotics Framework and its potential to benefit citizens, economy and simply the society at large. 

The book is an impressive description of the efforts and achievements of the Big Data Value Association and a must-read for researchers, industrial practitioners and policy-makers contributing to an healthy and beneficial European data ecosystem. “The Elements of Big Data Value” is open access and free to download so no need to wait any longer – get your copy now! 


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“The elements of Big Data Value” is edited by Edward Curry (Insight Centre for Data Analytics), Andreas Metzger (University of Duisburg-Essen), Sonja Zillner (Siemens), Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia (SAP) and Ana García Robles (BDVA). The book has contributions from numerous other BDVA members. We congratulate and thank the writers for excellent work and are looking forward to the upcoming publications!