Launch of the European Artificial Intelligence Alliance

The European Commission launched last June 14th the Artificial Intelligence Alliance, a forum to engage all relevant stakeholders in a broad and open discussion of all aspects of Artificial Intelligence development and its impacts.

The Artificial intelligence alliance, whose creation was announced last April as part of the “Artificial Intelligence Communication”, is a broad multi-stakeholder platform, open to a different set of participants, such as businesses, consumer organisations, trade unions and other representatives of civil society.  Everyone interested in the AI can become a member and participate in the discussions about AI, contributing to the European debate on AI and feeding the EC's policy-making in this area. The members will also support the AI High Level Group, offering inputs and feedbacks to its work and in particular to the preparation of AI Ethics draft Guidelines.  In 2019 the members shall be invited by the European Commission to the first Annual AI Alliance Conference.

BDVA encourages the European Big Data Value Community and stakeholders to engage and contribute to this important European forum.

More information about the AI Alliance