Data-driven Collaborative Intelligence in Smart Manufacturing and Robotics

In the context of the European Big Data Value Forum 2018 in Vienna, the BDVA Smart Manufacturing Industry subgroup organized a workshop to debate on “Data-driven Collaborative Intelligence in Smart Manufacturing and Robotics”. 

The SMI subgroup is always in the front line to propose and conduct interactive workshops at BDVA events, especially when they are open to attendees that are external to the Association. In the recent past, those consensus making sessions have been useful to brainstorm and massively collect inputs from the audience in order to achieve common grounds for the discussion paper released early 2018.

This time, the “Collaborative Intelligence” concept, introduced by the article “How Humans and AI Are Working Together in 1,500 Companies” by Harvard Business Review, was addressed by different viewpoints and under different lenses by the experts. The format was therefore more traditional, also because the available time was much shorter compared to the other SMI events.

In view of the next version of the paper, we are working to complement the current technical challenges with topics related to business, skills, legal and ethical aspects. In this framework, the session was designed to stimulate the discussion around the role of humans at center of production processes that nowadays are facing a deep and disruptive digital transformation based on a data driven approach.

In such Human-AI collaborative scenarios,  the Manufacturing Industry viewpoint has met the ICT viewpoint by a series of short pitches in charge of our 5 speakers each one addressing the Collaborative Intelligence under different dimensions.

Human Factors in autonomous factories has been introduced by Chris Decubber from EFFRA, the new role of Blue Collar Workers in the process industry by Ingo Graef from SPIRE, the innovative aspects in human-robot interaction by Reinhard Lafrenz from euROBOTICS, Big Data and AI in Manufacturing large scale Pilots by Oscar Lazaro (coordinator of BOOST 4.0 project) and new Industrial IoT in Data Economy by Thomas Walloschke AIOTI.

After the set of presentations an open discussion took place reaching soon the desired level of engagement among the speakers and with the audience, to delineate new forms of Human-Machine collaboration, such as for instance VR/AR environments, collaborative robots, wearable devices and to identify where new professions and skills are needed by humans in order to train, explain and sustain autonomous decisions in the manufacturing domain.

As organizers of the session we, the SMI group, are very grateful to all the speakers for their valuable contributions and availability during the discussion. We are sure that interesting “take away” messages has been gathered by the audience, without which the session could not have been held. Now we have more ingredients for enabling intelligent behaviors by Cyber Physical Production Systems which could amplify, extend and embody human capabilities in the manufacturing domain.

Authors: Sergio Gusmeroli and Davide Dalle Carbonare


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