Outcomes BDVA Activity Group meeting February 2019 (AG31)

The second BDVA Activity Group meeting of 2019 took place on 27th February 2019 in Brussels and it welcomed 90 participans combining BDVA members and some BDV PPP projects.

The meeting opened with a plennary session presenting updates on the AI-PPP and the AI-PPP SRIA development, the BDVA position paper on Data Platforms/Spaces and the BDVA/BDV PPP position paper on data protection/Privacy preserving tehcnologies. These topics were further developed with BDVA members in the afternoon’s parallel working sessions, which were interactive and gathered input from the attendees. 

During the morning 14 new projects presented their objectives, focus and alingment with BDVA refernece mode: 10 funded projects (CloudButton, Data Market Services, ELASTIC, EXAMODE, ExtremeEarth, INFORE, MOSAICrOWN, MUSKETEER, Safe-DEED, SmartDataLake) from the BDV PPP, call topics ICT12 and ICT13, and the 4 funded projects from the call ICT11a: DeepHealth, Lexis,  Cybele and Evolve.

Representatives from the European Commission DG CNET joined the meeting and presented ICT Standardization framework, current active calls and policy background and report on Public sector information, open data and big data. The task force group on Standardization and the Data Market Services project also presented updates of their work in this area.    

During the afternoon sessions, BDVA members had the opportunity to engage and provide input to the AI-PPP SRIA through 2 parallel sessions, one mainly focused on sector applications and one focused on the AI value chain. This exercise will continue in the upcoming weeks and months in full conjuction and collaboration with the euRobotics association, and engaging also other communities. Additionally, members discussed with the participation of EC DG CNECT officials recommendations of the Data Platforms/Sharing position paper.


Also during the afternoon, the BDVe project (BDV PPP CSA) organised a Steering Committee meeting to welcome all the new projects to the programme.

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