Newly elected Board Members

The Big Data Value Association held its General Assembly on 27th June 2019, in Riga, Latvia in the context of the Big Data Value PPP Summit event. As part of the meeting, the BDVA members were called to elect 5 Directors for a new or renewed 2-year mandate, and to appoint a BDVA Vice-President for Research.

 The 5 (re-)elected Directors are: 

  • Irene López de Vallejo, Director of Partnerships and Business development at DEX Europe Ltd (UK)
  • Andrejs Vasiljevs, CEO of Tilde (Latvia)
  • Milan Petković, Department Head Data Science at Philips (The Netherlands) 
  • Henk-Jan Vink, Managing Director ICT at TNO (The Netherlands)
  • Yannick Legré, General Manager of EGI Foundation (The Netherlands) (Treasurer)

The General Assembly appointed Ed Curry (Insight) as BDVA Vice-President (Research) for renewed 2-year mandate. 

The full composition of the BDVA leadership team (President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary General) and the updated list of BDVA directors are as follows:

Leadership team:

  • Thomas Hahn, Chief Expert Software at Siemens (President)
  • Laure Le Bars, Research project director at SAP (Vice-President) 
  • Edward Curry, Research Leader at Insight (Vice-President)
  • Milan Petković, Department Head Data Science at Philips (Vice-President)
  • Ana García Robles, BDVA Secretary General

BDVA Directors (by alphabetical order/organisation):

  • Antonis Ramfos, Innovation & Business Development Director at ATC (Greece)
  • Nuria de Lama, European Programs Manager at ATOS Research & Innovation (Spain)
  • Irene López de Vallejo, Director of Partnerships and Business development at DEX Europe Ltd (UK)
  • Yannick Legré, General Manager of EGI Foundation (The Netherlands) (Treasurer)
  • Davide Dalle Carbonare, Senior Researcher at Engineering (Italy)
  • Simon Scerri, Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer IAIS (Germany)
  • Almudena Sánchez, Business Development Executive at GMV (Spain)
  • Walter Weigel, VP of the European Research Institute at Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH (Germany)
  • David Bernstein, Manager for EU and Government Programs at IBM (Israel)
  • Stefan Van Baelen, Project Manager at imec (Belgium)
  • Marc Schonauer, Deputy Scientific Director at INRIA (France)
  • Edward Curry, Research leader at Insight (Ireland) (Vice-President)
  • Jim Kenneally, Principle investigator Intel Labs at Intel Corporation (Ireland)
  • Daniel Sáez Domingo, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Director at ITI (Spain)
  • Stefanie Lindstaedt, CEO of Know-Center GmbH (Austria)
  • Stefan Gessler, Project Manager and Data Protection Officer NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH (Germany)
  • Robert Seidl, Research Manager at Nokia (Germany)
  • Valère Robin, Strategy on Architectures and Security of Orange Labs Services at Orange(France)
  • Milan Petković, Department Head Data Science at Philips (The Netherlands) (Vice-President)
  • Bjorn Hovstadius, Assistant manager RISE AI at RISE (Sweden)
  • Laure Le Bars, Research project director at SAP (Germany) (Vice-President
  • Thomas Hahn, Chief Expert Software at Siemens (Germany) (President)
  • Till Lech, Research Manager at SINTEF (Norway)
  • Harald Schöning, Vice President Research at Software AG (Germany)
  • Florin Serban, Managing Director at Terrasigna (Romania)
  • Philippe Mouttou, Deputy Head / THALES GBU SIX/Advanced Studies at Thales (France)
  • Andrejs Vasiljevs, CEO of Tilde (Latvia)
  • Henk-Jan Vink, Director Networked Information at TNO (The Netherlands)
  • María Perez, Professor at UPM (Spain)
  • Caj Södergård, Research Professor in Digital Services at VTT (Finland)

BDVA would like to thank Board of Directors for their commitment and conribution, which shows in successful work and the achievements of the Association.