EC launches a public consultation for Digital Europe programme

The European Commission has opened a consultation on the orientation of the first two years of its proposed seven-year Digital Europe programme.

With a proposal of 9,2 billion investment, the goal of the first ever digital programme will be to improve Europe's competitiveness in the global digital economy and increase its technological autonomy, by building capacity, testing digital technologies, and deploying them.

This investment will support for the deployment of innovative digital technologies in five key areas: supercomputing (€2.7 billion), artificial intelligence (€2.5 billion), cybersecurity (€2 billion), advanced digital skills (€700 million), and ensuring a wide use of these digital technologies across the economy and society in line with Europe’s ambitious sustainability goals and values (€1.3 billion). 

The Euroepan Commission has launched an online consultation. It will collect input from across the EU, targeting a range of stakeholders: SMEs and larger companies, public administrations at all levels, research organisations and academia, NGOs, citizens’ associations, and private citizens.  The inputs received will help the Commission to shape the work programmes and calls for proposals for the programme’s first two years (2021-2022). A draft of the orientation paper for the preparation of the work-programme can be found here

The consultation will close on 25 October. Link to the EC page and consultation here.