Big Data/AI's disruptive innovation in the financial sector: INFINITECH


INFINITECH is a project under the European Union Horizon 2020 programme. The international project features 42 partners from 16 countries and is coordinated by GFT’s Italian team. The aim is to support organisations from the financial and insurance sector in their innovation process driven by Big Data, AI and IoT.

The results of the project will be validated through 14 pilot projects, which will cover all areas of reference for the sector, such as know your customer (KYC), customer analytics, personalised portfolio management, credit risk assessment, preventive financial crime analysis, fraud anticipation, usage-based insurance, agro-insurance and much more. INFINITECH will also make a platform available that will provide access to project solutions, along with a Virtualized Digital Innovation Hub (VDIH). This will support innovators such as FinTech and InsuranceTech in their ongoing commitment to the concrete application of Big Data technologies/AI/IoT.

GFT Italy will be coordinating the project as a whole and manage the administrative and contractual relationships within the consortium and with the European Commission, and will contribute to the Big Data Value Association.

The INFINITECH project will start in October 2019 and run until December 2022. 

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