BDVA and euRobotics publish the second consultation release of the SRIDA for a European AI PPP

BDVA, the Big Data Value Association and euRobotics, the European Robotics Association, publish today, September 18th 2019, an updated version of the Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) for a European AI, Data and Robotics PPP. You can download the AI PPP SRIDA here

"In order to deliver the operational objectives of the AI, Data and Robotics PPP it is important to engage with a broad range of stakeholders. Each collaborative stakeholder brings a vital element to the functioning of the AI PPP and injects critical capability into the eco-system created around AI, data and robotics by the AI PPP" [1]

The second consultation release incorporates a new chapter focused on collaborations with multiple stakeholders and in particular on the so called Horizontal Collaborations. "The impact of AI is widely acknowledged and places AI, data and robotics as key drivers of the digital revolution. However, in order to extend their impact other technical competencies must be connected and integrated into AI applications, systems and infrastructure" [1]. This updated version also incorporates important aspects of the collaboration with the AI Research Communities, EU funded projects and initiatives (e.g AI on demand platform) and EC policies.

The updated AI PPP SRIDA was presented to the European Commission on September 16th by the Presidents of BDVA and euRobotics, Thomas Hahn and Dr. Bernd Liepert, as part of a meeting that BDVA and euRobotics had with Roberto Viola, Director General in the European Commission, DG CNECT, and Lucilla Sioli, Director Directorate A, DG CNECT. The meeting was a follow up of the June 6th event in Brussels (joining forces to boost AI adoption in Europe).

We would like to thank all organisations that have contributed to the discussion for the production of this new version. [2]

BDVA and euRobotics will be present at the ICT Proposer Day 2019 (Hall 5, Village "Partenrships for Digital") where the new SRIDA version will be shared and promoted. We invite all intersted stakeholders to join us at booth 2.


[1} Fragments of  "Zillner, S., Bisset, D., García Robles, A., Hahn, T., Lafrenz, R., Liepert, B., and Curry, E. (eds) (2019) “Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda for an AI PPP: A focal point for collaboration on Artificial intelligence, Data and Robotics. Second Consultation Release.” September 2019, Brussels. BDVA – euRobotics