Data Protection in the era of Artificial Intelligence

BDVA TF6.SG4 in collaboration with the BDVe project has released a position paper called "Data Protection in the era of Artificial Intelligence: Trends existing solutions and recommendations for privacy-preserving technologies". The paper summarises recent trends in the development of tools and technologies that facilitate secure and trustworthy data analytics and it provides recommendations based on the insights and outcomes of the projects of the BDV cPPP and from the task forces of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), combined with insights from recent debates and the literature.

"One of the challenges of big data analytics is to maximize utility whilst protecting human rights and preserving meaningful human control. One of the main questions in this regard for policy- and lawmakers is to what extent they should allow for automation of (legal) protection in an increasingly digital society?".  The paper contributes to this debate by looking into different technical solutions developed by the projects of the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership (BDV cPPP) that aim to protect the privacy and confidentiality whilst allowing for big data analytics. [1]

Privacy-Preserving Technologies constitute an essential element of the AI Innovation Ecosystem Enablers (Data for AI) as elaborated in the joint BDVA and euRobotics strategic research, innovation and deployment agenda towards a European AI, Data and Robotics partnership (AI PPP SRIDA).

Access the paper here.

[1] Source: Timan, T. & Z. Á. Mann  (eds) (2019) “Data protection in the era of artificial intelligence. Trends, existing solutions and recommendations for  privacy-preserving technologies”, October 2019. BDVA.