BDVA at “Data Marketplaces” workshop organized by AIOTI

The BDVA has participated in the workshop “Policies to Support Open Data Marketplaces”, organized by the Create-IoT project (CSA of AIOTI, Alliance of IoT Innovation) in Den Haag (29/01/2020) to explore opportunities and discuss about the last European initiatives on Data Sharing in IoT ecosystems and Data Supported Services concepts and best practices.

The event has been structured around several round tables addressing the topic from different perspectives: data sharing and data driven services in different sectors (farming, energy, mobility, telecom); the view from policy makers; experiences and best practices from IoT large scale pilots, …

BDVA, represented by Daniel Alonso (ITI, chair of BDVA i-Spaces group), has participated in the discussion about elements of the data framework, with specific attention to the aspects of data governance. Daniel presented the view of BDVA, reflected on its position paper (“Towards a European Data Sharing Space”) with opportunities, challenges and recommendations, and highlighting the need of data sharing to unleash the fully potential of data to boost a European based data-driven Artificial Intelligence (as it is reflected in the SRIDA of the new AI, Data and Robotics Partnership).

The workshop has also counted with the participation of the European Commission, representatives of several MS (Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Germany), and of relevant initiatives in the European data landscape.