BDVA at the "Copernicus and AI" workshop in Brussels

On January 28th 2020 the European Commission (DG DEFIS) organised the "Copernicus and Artificial Intelligence” workshop focused on EU programmes, as well as the challenges and opportunities of connecting Copernicus, its data assets and stakeholders to the digital world. BDVA was represented in this workshop by its Secretary General, Ms. Ana García Robles, who presented the upcoming AI, Data and Robotics Partnership. As one of the largest Earth Observation data providers, Copernicus archives contain a wealth of data and information that play a decisive role for policy support and in many economic and industrial areas. Synergies between Copernicus and AI seem self-evident. In its intervention BDVA summarized the potential strategic collaboration in between the new partnership and Copernicus in the following way:

  • Strategic contribution to the European Green Deal.
  • Support uptake of sectors linked to the Bio-Economy (not only).
  • Investment in further research of AI (applied existing architecture or development of new hybrid) applied to EO problems, such as classification, detection, indexing, prediction, data fusion etc.
  • Development of a portfolio of use cases employing AI technologies that brings together in collaboration EO users and providers of infrastructure, of specific AI and EO technologies and services.
  • Considering the interest/focus of BDVA in Big Data and AI, the new partnership and the interests of ESA and EC/Copernicus of applied AI in Earth observation, the BDVA subgroup on EO shall develop a more active collaborative relationship/ project-based between the EO and the AI/Big Data communities, and naturally extend activities of this subgroup into the new partnership.

You can read more about the workshop here. You can find BDVA presentation here.


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