BDVA/BDV PPP recognised as a committed member of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition has recently recognised BDVA and the BDV PPP's action and support in tackling the digital skills gap. To mark this recognition BDVA has been granted a badge as a demonstration ot the commitment to boost digital skills in Europe, in particular for the contribution of the BDVe EduHub (

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe. BDVA has been a member of the Coalition since December 1st, 2017.

Data and AI Skills are important pillars of the BDVA strategy and activities. BDVA Task Force 9 (TF9 - Skill and Education) develops these activities The current BDV cPPP reflects the ambitions of BDVA is this area and several actions are being implemented in particular through the BDVe CSA project implementing the following four BDV programs:  Education Hub, Mobility Program, Skills Recognition Program and Big Data Centres of Excellence. The common aim of these programs is to provide talent to European industry, a network of centres of excellence, an easy access to information on educational and mobility programmes and schemes for the recognition and assessment of skills to ensure the long-term sustainability of the investment in Big Data technologies and solutions. In addtiion, the BDV cPPP projects and the BDVA members are also strongly contributing to the skills topic with over 180 training activities involving over 18 300 participants reported by projects duing 2018 only by the projects and a substantial number of new job profiles identified [1]. Skills is also one of the relevant areas of investment for the upcomging AI, Data and Robotics parntership [2].

As a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, BDVA will continue to work with activities bridging the digital skills gap today and finding opportunities to collaborate and grow with other Coalition members across Europe.

Find more information about the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition here.