BDVA Online Activity Group Workshop and prioritisation exercise for the Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) - September the 7th

On the 7th of September BDVA will host an Online Activity Group Workshop. The main objective of this event will be to allow BDVA Members to carry out a prioritisation exercise for topics to be included the newest release of the Strategic Research, Innovation and Development Agenda (SRIDA) for the upcoming AI, Data and Robotics Partnership.

As per the previous Online Activity Group Workshop concerning the SRIDA organised in July (see here fore more information), this event aims at fostering an open debate between participants and will entail high levels of interactivity. Participants will be especially asked to prioritise the topics which emerged as the most relevant for this update of the SRIDA from the public and internal consultation. The outcome of this workshop will allow the Data Deep Dive Editorial Committee to finalise the different sections on the SRIDA in light of its publication by the end of September. 

For more information on the upcoming Data, AI and Robotics PPP please visit the new Partnership website.

For more information on this event or other SRIDA update related activities please contact BVDA: