LAILEC 2021: AI and Cybersecurity - Is Pandora’s box open?

March 25th – 26th, 2021 – 14:00 – 17:00(CET) online (free)

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LAILEC 2021 (Leuven AI Law & Ethics Conference) zooms in on the interplay of cybersecurity and AI and its significance to building trustworthy AI. The event will explore how this dynamic affects the pathways towards digital and technological sovereignty. The interplay inevitably raises tough questions about the long-term security evolution of AI and data protection, transparency, role of open architectures and specifications, protection of fundamental rights, including IP rights and content moderation, machine learning supply chain due diligence and many more.

The conference will also focus on specific critical domains affected by both proliferation of AI technologies and cybersecurity risks – healthcare, manufacturing and cloud-based services and infrastructure. The event will provide a unique blend of the technical, legal, and ethical perspective of cybersecurity and its relation, importance and influence on our society, building an AI-reliant world. On the second day, BDVA/DAIRO president Thomas Hahn joins the panel on AI and Cybersecurity Transparency in the (European) Cloud with other industry experts. Check out the full programme here.

In addition, LAILEC 2021 will host a workshop organized by the H2020 Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets (SECOIIA) consortium dedicated to safety and security in collaborative manufacturing with limited spots available.

The event discusses all these topics in light of the AI regulation proposal, which is expected to be presented by the European Commission in March. How will it affect the business and society in general, and how are the issues above going to be addressed? Join the conference to find out!

The event is organized by imec-KU Leuven. Registration for the conference is free of charge.