European Roundtable for Industry (ERT) report on B2B data sharing

The European Roundtable for Industry (ERT) report, published on 9th of June, finds that European enterprises has not yet capitalised the growing potential of business-to-business data sharing. ERT calls the EU policymakers to remove bottlenecks from the way of fluent data sharing and proposes number of actions to address the challenges.

Aligning with the Commissions Data Strategy, ERT endorses the creation of the European Single Market for data and common European Data Spaces as drivers of European leadership in the Digital Economy. The paper also supports the creation of European Cloud and Edge infrastructure for creating synergies between national initiatives and avoiding overlaps of activities by the industry. You can find the full paper at ERT's website.

BDVA/DAIRO President Thomas Hahn has co-written the expert paper, and the association also works actively on the Data Sharing Spaces through our dedicated task force (TF10).


(Featured photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)