BDVA/DAIRO teams up with other European key Data players to support EU’s plan to develop data spaces

Today, 22nd of June, BDVA/DAIRO announces joining forces with Gaia-X, IDSA and 10 other leading European organisations with experience in standardising, creating, and operationalising data sharing. “Team Data Spaces”, presented in IDSA summit, facilitates the development of European data spaces, which are at the heart of the EU’s data strategy.

Data spaces are federated data ecosystems in which the participants can easily and safely exchange data based on shared policies, standards, rules and economic models. The implementation of data spaces aims to secure the data rights of citizens, businesses and organisations, and, in general, to guarantee transparency and fairness of data sharing. With Data Spaces, Europe will be able to capitalise on the value of its data.

Data spaces will bring benefits for a multitude of European stakeholders – including individual citizens and both private and public organisations – by delivering significant societal, environmental and economic value to society at large. They will create a level playing field for data sharing and encourage more innovative uses and combinations of data. Data spaces will also be a key enabler for the European AI strategy which relies on access to large volumes of often decentralised high-quality data.

Team Data Spaces brings together a host of thought-leading organisations with a common purpose. It aims to provide a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary strategic approach on economic, technical, societal, ethical and legal aspects for the design and rollout of data spaces.

The team promotes a call to action that can realise the full potential of data spaces across four dimensions of support:

  • Establish a community of practice for data spaces to consolidate and build upon the significant experience that already exists.
  • Begin to drive adoption of the 'soft infrastructure' that will underpin data spaces by unifying technical building blocks and architectures, data governance models and data standardisation.
  • Establish a common roadmap for the development and adoption of a pan-European data space.
  • Co-develop a forward-looking approach to create consistent and fair legal and ethical frameworks that navigate the existing regulatory landscape and upcoming legislative agenda.

“Our community is already addressing the availability of data, data interoperability and quality, data governance, data literacy and many other issues that are holding the EU back from realising its data potential. Also, the federation of BDVA i-Spaces, now under EUHubs4Data project, has an objective of mobilising data sharing between borders and sectors to facilitate movement towards a Common European Data Space”, says BDVA/DAIRO Secretary-General Ana García Robles.

“We will contribute to this team by bringing our amazing community of companies, experts and projects and connecting Data Spaces to the frameworks and tools to get value out of Data, and overall the link to Industrial AI”.

Team Data Spaces' purpose is expressed in a short position paper published at The collaboration aims to make data spaces happen and realise their full potential in the respect of European values – and is committed to continuing and increasing our efforts in reaching this goal.

The organisations involved in Team Data Spaces are (in alphabetical order) Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Capgemini Invent, FIWARE Foundation, Fraunhofer ISST, Gaia-X, International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), INNOPAY, Insight, KULeuven, MyData Global, Sitra, TNO, and VTT.

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/Featured photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash)