The EC kick-starts alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud

On the 19th of July, the Commission started a European alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud. The alliance fosters the emergence of disruptive cloud and edge technologies that are highly secure, energy and resource-efficient and fully interoperable, fostering trust for cloud users across all sectors. The alliance aims to serve the needs of EU citizens, businesses, and the public sector to process highly sensitive data while boosting the competitiveness of the EU industry on cloud and edge technologies.

The alliance for industrial cloud technologies was launched simultaneously with the Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor technologies. The alliances aim at bringing together businesses, Member States, academia, users as well as research and technology organisations to advance the next generation of the related technologies and provide the EU with the capabilities needed to strengthen digital infrastructures, products and services.

These alliances are open for participation by all public and private entities. Read the Commission full press release here.