The EC proposes a Path to Digital Decade to reach the EU's 2030 digital transformation targets

Today, 15th of September, the European Commission proposed a plan to achieve the targets set for the digital transformation of the continent by 2030. The "Path to Digital Decade" sets up a governance framework based on an annual cooperation mechanism with the Member States. It aims to address the areas of digital skills, digital infrastructures, digitalisation of businesses and public services. The plan is also to identify and implement large-scale digital projects involving the Commission and the Member States.

The governance framework is built with an annual cooperation mechanism between the EC and member states. It includes a monitoring system to measure progress on targets, an annual report "State of Digital Decade" by the Commission, road mapping for each Member State, joint commitments for ensuring sufficient progress and support for the implementation of multi-country projects.

Multi-country projects are large-scale projects that would contribute to achieving the targets set for Europe's digital transformation. The Commission has identified an initial list of multi-country projects, which includes several areas for investment: data infrastructure, low-power processors, 5G communication, high-performance computing, secure quantum communication, public administration, blockchain, digital innovation hubs, and investing in people's digital skills. 


Read the EC's press release here!