BDVA signs collaboration agreements with EFFRA and AIOTI at DEI Stakeholder Forum

Today, at the European DEI Stakeholder Forum in Paris, BDVA has signed bilateral collaboration agreements with the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and with the Alliance of internet of the Things Innovation (AIOTI), to align their activities, roadmaps and outcomes to support accelerating the digital transformation of industry in Europe.

A strong data economy is emerging in Europe with large companies and SMEs taking advantage of Big Data, building new markets and business models. Data-intensive initiatives are gaining momentum with Open Data, Internet of Things, i-Spaces (innovation spaces), Innovation Hubs, and data platforms. Data platforms, by providing broad access to data from the public sector, business and science, will be one of the critical infrastructures that feed value extraction technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, to deliver a return on investment.

Beyond 2020, the European Data Economy will need to be further developed and nurtured to capture the full potential value of big data. In particular, the development of data-driven business models across value chains and beyond organisational boundaries will significantly maximise the impact of the Data Economy.

For this reason, the Big Data Value Association has developed since the very beginning strong cooperation with national and European platforms, with other PPPs, partnerships and Associations.
Today at the European DEI Stakeholder Forum, BDVA, represented by its President Laure Le Bars, has signed two Memorandums of Collaboration with EFFRA and AIOTI. BDVA and EFFRA have already been cooperating for almost two years, bringing together assets of the Big Data Value PPP and the FoF PPP. Tangible results of this cooperation are a discussion paper also launched today (Big data challenges in Smart Manufacturing) and common projects. By signing a MoC BDVA and EFFRA want to strengthen collaboration and outcomes towards future, joining forces in developing strategic roadmaps, papers, pilots and other joint activities in order to accelerate the use, the integration and value creation of Big Data and AI technologies in the Manufacturing sector. The signing of this collaboration in between BDVA and EFFRA is a good example of the ongoing strong cooperation in between cPPPs towards common objectives.

On the other hand, fostering the estimated market growth of the IoT technologies requires the seamless integration of IoT technology (such as, sensor integration, field data collection, cloud, edge and fog computing) and Big Data technology (such as data management, analytics, deep analytics, edge analytics, processing architectures). For this reason BDVA and AIOTI have signed today a collaboration agreement to commonly deepening in understanding sectorial needs, align roadmaps and reference architectures, align standardization activities and align security efforts.

These two collaboration agreements build on top of the MoU that BDVA signed back on 2015 with EIT Digital operationalised today through several actions focused on data skills and entrepreneurship.
BDVA is also developing strong cooperation with other Associations and PPPs, such as ETP4HPC, ECSO and the euRobotics, with some tangible outcomes expected to become public along the year.

We believe data is at the center of the digital transformation, and it is only by strong partnerships and cooperation that we can achieve our European mission and ambition.

(Source of part of the text: Future Challenges for European Leadership in the Global Data Economy and Data-Driven Society: Input to Framework Programme 9)