BDVA welcomes 19 new members

On the 8th of July, the BDVA General Assembly officially welcomed 19 new members, among which there are 5 Full Members and 14 Associate Members. 

Full members: ABI Lab, eBOS Technologies, Occitanie Data, University of the Basque Country and University of Murcia

Associate members: 1001 Lakes, AUSTRALO Interinnov Marketing Lab SL, BOMENGIE Lab CRIGEN, ETA Consulting, FTK e.V., IDEKOLeonardo SPA, LORTEK, SatCen, Software Imagination & Vision (SIMAVI), Value Date, Yoop Tech Limited and University of Pavia (Department of Economics and Management)

EU AI Whitepaper in line with the vision of the new partnership on AI, Data and Robotics

BDVA has published its response to the White paper on Artificial Intelligence: "a European approach to Excellence and Trust". BDVA welcomes this whitepaper as there is a clear need for a solid AI European approach based on European values. The aspiration contained within this document for Europe to “become a global leader in innovation in the data economy and its applications” is strongly supported by BDVA. A comprehensive and functioning Data Strategy is a prerequisite to any AI Policy and regulation. The general broad policy perspective of this whitepaper is also very well-received. The AI Whitepaper is very much in line with the vision of the new partnership on AI, Data and Robotics. Find BDVA's response to the White paper on AI here.

Contribution of BDVA and the BDV PPP to the European Data Strategy

BDVA has published its response to the European Data Strategy published by the European Commission last February 19th. BDVA welcomes the European Data Strategy as the natural evolution of the data innovation ecosystem within Europe. The Data Strategy leverages the work of the Big Data Value PPP to support Large Industry working together with SMEs and research organisations in a critical mix needed to deliver both economic and societal impact to Europe in areas including mobility, manufacturing, bio- economy, health, energy, environment, smart cities and infrastructures, food, finance, media and farming. Find BDVA's response to the European Data Strategy here.

BDVA response to the public consultation on Data Sharing in the EU - Common Data Spaces

BDVA welcomes and supports the objectives described in the Inception Impact Assessment [1], focusing on the development of a framework for the governance of common European data spaces that i) make more data available, ii) make more data usable and iii) provide an environment (infrastructure) that allows for frictionless and secure data sharing. Find here the full response of BDVA to the EC public consultation on data sharing.

BDVA Online Activity Group Workshop and prioritisation exercise for the Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) - September the 7th

On the 7th of September BDVA will host an Online Activity Group Workshop. The main objective of this event will be to allow BDVA Members to carry out a prioritisation exercise for topics to be included the newest release of the Strategic Research, Innovation and Development Agenda (SRIDA) for the upcoming AI, Data and Robotics Partnership.

More than 530 participants joint the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership information sessions

Two information sessions have been organised in July 2020 (July 16th and July 29th) with the objective of providing overall information about the upcoming AI, Data and Robotics Partnership, its Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) and the way to engage and contribute. Over 530 people attended the information sessions. All materials presented are available on the parntership webpage. All stakeholders interested in the topics covered by the partnership are invited to provide input to the next SRIDA version with a deadline on August 28th. The current SRIDA consutlation version and the form to provide feedback can be found in the Resources are of the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership webpage. A FAQ document can also be found on the same site.

Outcome of the BDVA Online Activity Group Workshop on SRIDA update (July 10th)

On the 10th of July BDVA organised an Online Activity Group meeting aimed at discussing and brainstorming about new contents to be included in the next release of the Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda for the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership. 

More than 70 participants joined this event and attended the plenary and parallel sessions organised. 

The material produced will be used by the Data Deep Dive Editorial Team to draft the respective sections of the SRIDA and will be further enriched during summer thanks to the input received through additional consultation channels. A second and more advanced prioritisation exercise with BDVA members will be organised in September. 

HPC, Big Data, IoT and AI future industry-driven collaborative strategic topics. Highlights from the second online workshop.

On July 3rd 2020, BDVA organised in collaboration with ETP4HPC and the European Commission, the second session of an online workshop to analyse in depth the challenges, limitations and longer term perspectives of the Large Scale Pilot actions that are currently being developed in the context of the ICT-11-2018-2019 calls. As in the first session, this session and its insights will facilitate the definition of future research and innovation needs in terms of convergence and alignment of the basic technologies and their utilization in industry and specially SMEs.


  • LEXIS: Stephan Hachinger (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre), Marc Levrier (ATOS). Presentation here.
  • INFINITECH:Pavlos Kranas (LeanXcale). Presentation here.
  • IoTwins: Paolo Bellavista (UNIBO), Francesco Millo (Bonfiglioli). Presentation here.
  • Evolve: Jean-Thomas Acquaviva (DDN), Angelos Bilas (FORTH). Presentation here.
  • CYBELE:  Sophia Karagiorgou (Ubitech). Presentation here.
  • DeepHealth: Mónica Caballero (Everis), Jon Ander Gómez (UPV), Eduardo Quiñones (BSC), Marco Aldinucci (University of Torino). Presentation here.