“Shaping European AI leadership” conference takes a look at how tomorrow’s standards will support Trustworthy AI

Shaping European AI leadership

Enabling trustworthy industrial applications, standardization and innovation

Online conference March 10th, 09:30(CET) Register




Artificial Intelligence represents a major technological challenge, given its rapid development and numerous applications. To ensure a beneficial societal development and to address citizens’ concerns, Artificial Intelligence should be trustworthy.

This conference will address the main challenges for AI standardization and innovation that industry has to tackle in order to ensure European leadership on an international context.

To support future regulation and define technical declination of this trustworthy, AI standardization works have been launched. In the meantime, to develop new products and services, industrial stakeholders work on innovations and solutions that will address several strategic markets for Europe.

Take part in our conference on 10 march, which is part of the French Presidency of the European Union, to exchange views with representatives of standardization bodies, public authorities and companies who will produce tomorrow’s standard, and to participate in trustworthy AI development.


This event is organized by AFNOR, BDVA/DAIRO and Confiance.AI.


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