Speeding up Industrial AI and Trustworthiness - Position Paper

A position paper introducing a comprehensive industrial and trustworthy AI framework has been recently published in its consultation version. The position paper summarises the presentations and discussions of Franco-German workshops, including numerous received feedbacks. It also aligns with national and European related roadmaps to industrial and trustworthy AI. It should be seen as a first step in speeding up Industrial AI and AI trustworthiness across Europe.Find the paper here.

The paper was first presented during a web seminar co-organised by Gaia-X, BDVA, the French Grand Défi and Plattform Lernende Systeme last May 13th and it was also presented during the Data Week 2021as part of the session "Data Spaces boosting Industrial AI". The scope of the paper includes tools and methodologies that support the design, test, validation, verification, and maintainability of AI-based functions and systems and addresses the development of AI-based process and systems to demonstrate its integration into new products and services.

Interested in giving feedback or joining the discussion? Please contact IndustrialAI@core.bdva.eu