STAR project releases a platform prototype for creating human digital twins

Thanks to Industry 4.0, solutions that support monitoring, simulation, optimization and decision making in manufacturing systems are growing exponentially. Most of these solutions rely on the concept of Digital Twins (DTs). The STAR project is creating a platform to support the development of DTs. The first prototype of the platform has been released, and it will be used to support different applications within the project, including workers’ fatigue estimation, automated guided vehicle (AGV) path planning, and worker training paths definition. In their recent blog post, STAR team explains how the platform will make human digital twins (HDT) accessible in Industry 4.0 environments. 

STAR partners include BDVA members INTRASOFT, Thales, PhilipsSiemens, GFT Italy and University of Piraeus.




(Photo by Ashwin Vaswani on Unsplash)