Task Force 7: Application


The main objective of this task force is to identify applications in which big data technologies can create the biggest impact in Europe. This TF will facilitate value creation (economic and societal benefits) in Europe by supporting selected industrial sectors and other areas of interest with big data technologies. The key focus of this group should be to identify and act on the needs (technology, skills, etc.) of different industrial sectors as well as the areas of interest applicable to different industrial sectors such as language technologies, HPC, etc. The industrial sectors will include healthcare, telecom, content/media, energy, manufacturing, finance, supply chain, etc. Several sub-task forces have been already created to address sectors in which BDVA has a critical mass of members and in which big data applications will create the biggest impact. An additional goal of this TF is to identify and address synergies across application areas.


  • TF7.SG2 Telecom
  • TF7.SG3 Healthcare 
  • TF7.SG4 Media 
  • TF7.SG5 Earth Observation & Geospatial 
  • TF7.SG6 Smart Manufacturing Industry
  • TF7.SG7 Mobility and logistics 
  • TF7.SG8 Smart Governance and Smart Cities 
  • TF7.SG9 Agriculture 
  • TF7.SG10 Finance 
  • TF7.SG11 Automotive
  • TF7.SG12 Energy
  • TF.7.SG13 Security


TF7: Lead - Milan Petkovic (Philips), milan.petkovic(at)philips.com

  • TF7.SG2 Telecom (Lead: Robert Seidl, Nokia)
  • TF7.SG3 Healthcare (Lead: Tiblets Demewez, Philips)  
  • TF7.SG4 Media (Lead: Luk Overmeire, VRT) (acting)
  • TF7.SG5 Earth Observation & Geospatial (Lead: Florin Serban, Terrasigna)
  • TF7.SG6 Smart Manufacturing Industry (Lead: Davide Dalle Carbonare, Engineering. Co-Lead: Sergio Gusmeroli, Polimi)
  • TF7.SG7 Mobility and logistics (Lead: Vivian Kiousi, Intrasoft Intl.)
  • TF7.SG8 Smart Governance and Smart Cities (Lead: Roberto Di Bernardo, Engineering; Co-lead: Vega Rodrigálvarez, ITA Innova)
  • TF7.SG9 Agriculture (Lead: Nuria de Lama Sánchez, ATOS)
  • TF7.SG10 Finance (Lead: Vittorio Monferrino, GFT Italy)
    • TF7.SG11 Automotive (Leads: Ohiana Otaegui, Vicomtech and Bernhard Peischl, AVL)
    • TF7.SG12 Energy (Lead: Philippe Calvez, ENGIE)
    • TF7.SG13 Security (Leads: Nizar Touleimat, CEA and Vito Morreale, Engineering)