Task Force 8: Business


Big Data Technologies are transforming business at every level of organization, and are also enabling innovative new products and services on B2C and B2B. In the same time EC asks us to increase business impact in each of our activities, initiatives and projects. In this perspective the main mission of this TF8 is to:

  • understand, manage and push all business impact activity in BDVA;
  • keep strong relation with other TFs;
  • deep synergies and strong information exchange to the running projects in the BD domain.

New models like data-as-a-service, analytics-as-a-service or data ‘aggregation&analysis’ are embraced by an increasing number of new innovative startups. On the other hand, traditional businesses are re-thinking their traditional business with the use of Big Data Technologies for a performance increase and a diversification of their products and services (e.g., banks are selling aggregated credit card transaction data, Industries (4.0) are optimizing their production through big data analytics, etc.). In this activity, we focus on describing the state-of-the-art of big data-based business models, and also on the challenges and opportunities derived from them, in terms of competitiveness and innovation, which may lead to evaluating new policies to stimulate data economy.

The major goal of this activity is to observe and define business models based on data analysis through the use of Big Data. We focus on the follow main trends:

  • The innovative models developed by SMEs and Web entrepreneurs.
  • The transformation on traditional organizations derived from the use of Big Data technologies for new and updated products & services.
  • The identification of current Big Data related business models adopted in different sectors with the purpose of analysing their replicability in other contexts as well as for defining high-potential future ones.


Task Force 8 has one Sub-Group which focuses specificially on SMEs. Its mandate covers activities aimed at ensuring that SMEs fully participate in EU Research and Innovation Activities and are included in the EU Big Data Ecosystem. 


  • TF8: Stefano Modafferi (IT Innovation) (lead)
  • TF8.SG1 - SME: Artur Romão (DECSIS) (lead), Julija Melnika (Tilde) (co-lead), Tatjana Gornostaja (Tilde) (co- lead), 


  • Development of a SME survey to assess the level of awareness and understanding of European SMEs regarding the value data and data-driven technologies may have to their business (to be launched soon)
  • Development of a SME specific service offering for BDVA (to be launched soon)
  • Webinar: Standards and Innovation: Data and AI standards generating value for SMEs (2020) (TF6.SG6 together with TF8.SG1)