Value proposition

Benefits for members

Stronger access to agenda
of Data and AI r&i policies, regulation and standardisation

Participate in several European Public Private Partnerships (EuroHPC, BDV, AI, Data and Robotics PPP)

Access to privileged channels for providing input into Big Data and AI R&I strategic priorities for different research, innovation and deployment programmes

Access to the European Commission, EU and national officials (i.e. National contact points) to discuss about R&I policies in AI and Big Data

Influence the development and adoption of reference architectures for AI and Big Data

Influence pre-standardization activities for AI and Big Data

Greater visibility at the EU level
for your organisation

Access to strategic communities working on AI and Big Data R&I in Europe and worldwide

Improved visibility of your organisation towards EU officials, other members organisations (companies, research organisations...) and other EU associations

Additional channels for your organisation communication, community building and internationalisation activities

Access to major events, organised by the association or by other organisations in Europe and worldwide

Better access to knowledge
and generation of strategic knowledge

Greater access to knowledge and initiatives on AI and Big Data from the European Commission and other key stakeholders

Possibility to use the association’s channels to share knowledge about your projects, initiatives, achievements...

Contribution to Task Forces leading to generation of AI and Big Data strategic knowledge and guidance at the EU level for policy makers and industry

Access to new business and research ideas and indication of possibilities to improve values to customers

Access to a network of experts in AI and Big Data

More business opportunities
and access to a cutting-edge R&I ecosystem

Access to privileged networks and key networking opportunities and matchmaking event organised by BDVA and others

Access to an R&I ecosystem of AI and Big Data players for consortium building, including technology and sectorial organisations

Early access to upcoming calls’ information

through regular newsletters/access to in-depth information and presentations on the calls

Facilitation of contacts/links between business and industry for the establishment of common projects

Access to research and experimentation infrastructures

Many other opportunities
participate, decide and lead

Access to decision making (full members only)

  • Voting rights in the general assembly and influence over the association strategy
  • Possibility to be part of the Board of Director and exercise strategic leadership over the association
  • Possibility to be a Task Force lead...

Possibility to take the lead and propose new Task Forces/ new topics for discussions/new initiatives/activities/concepts for events and workshops...

Possibility to link your regional, national and European strategies on AI and Data.

Services for members

Developing Data and AI guidelines and Strategic roadmaps
Development of Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas
Organisation of strategic road mapping activities
Publishing and promotion of Data and AI guidelines for industry and policy makers
Organisation of events
Organisation of large community events
Organisation of workshops with members
Support of AI and Data related member events
Promotional and communication support
SMEs communication support services
Promotion and visibility for members’ activities
Institution information on BDVA/DAIRO website
Knowledge aggregation and sharing
Access to knowledge sharing platform
Organise and facilitate discussions and knowledge sharing around specific topics
Subscription to information services, such as monthly and weekly newsletters
Access to summaries of Brussels events
Organisation of seminars and webinars with training purposes
Permanent helpdesk
Matchmaking and promotion of R&I
SME catalogue
Early call warning system
Ad-hoc matchmaking support within the association
Coordination of responses to public consultations
Development of position papers on topics of relevance
Establishment of strong collaboration channels
Guiding standards
Organisation of pre-standardisation events
Involvment in pre-standardisation activities from standardisation bodies
Collaboration for releasing papers to guide standards
Ecosystemn enablers and market uptake
Labelling of i-Spaces
Facilitation for the network of i-Spaces and for networks of Digital Innovation Hybs
Support in market uptake
Other services
Logistic support in organisation of meetings and workshops for members in Brussels